MC Serch Joins Questlove As This Week’s Guest On ‘Questlove Supreme’

mighty hea

“I loved hip-hop so much, I felt I had to protect it at all costs. I felt [like] I was the one that had to protect hip-hop at all cost. I really thought it was my job. I felt like I was the knight at the Round Table who was the defender of the culture because it had given me so much. The streets gave me so much, the Quarter had gave me so much.

There were so many times that 50 [Cent] was like, ‘Yo, Serch, back out. We’re about to stick this whole place up. Get out.’ These dudes were looking out for me. [So, when it came to MC Hammer] it is like, ‘This motherfucker from Oakland. What the fuck you doin’? You’re wack. Your shit is wack. Period.’ It wasn’t eff-you as a human being, but it was like, ‘You’re a wack MC. You’re wack.'”

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Source: OK Player

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